Non Laser Tattoo Removal

The Process

The process is like getting a tattoo.  We use a tattoo machine to go over the tattoo area that you want removed.

We open up the skin by passing over the area quite a few times.  As we do this we use a topical numbing solution to help reduce the pain.  Once the area is opened up, we clean it, and we apply an all natural solution on it for an allotted amount of time.  There are no acids or chemicals in the solution.  Then we clean you up and you're done.  You will form a heavy scab over the area for the next week or two depending on how good you take care of the area.  The scab is what pulls the pigment out of your skin.  You need to keep the area dry until the scab falls off naturally.  This method works with 1/3 less treatments of laser removal and is much less painful with much better results.  We do have actual clients before, middle and after photos that you can come by anytime and see.  Also we have a few posted here in the photo gallery. This is a great option if your wanting to cover up an old tattoo with a new one. You can get a treatment to lighten up your old tattoo to make the cover up much easier to do