I have been piercing for 5 years now.  I love my job and all the clients I have met over the years.  If I had to pick my favorite piercing to do I would say kids lobes are my favorite.  I love their excitement when they come into the shop for the first time, pick out their earrings and go through the process.  We start Ear Lobe piercings at 2 months old and continue from there.  

Cartilage/Helix piercings depending where it is general age would be 12 and up.

All other piercings besides nipples and tongue we will start between 14/15 depending on maturity level and how we feel they can handle the care for it.  

Things to bring with you for piercings-

If you are 16 or above you must have a current state id or passport with you.  

If you are under 16 you must have a parent or guardian with you they must have an id and a form of id for the person getting pierced.  If last names match things that work would be State id, Insurance card with parent and child name on it, School id, birth certificate. 

If last names do not match you must bring in a birth certificate along with another form of id.  

If it is a guardian situation we need documents stating the guardian arrangement along with picture ids.  

Any questions about this please contact the shop.