To better serve our customers, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, we have recently moved from our downtown location to our new shop located in Ankeny.

Custom Tattoos

If you have an idea that you want to use we can take your artwork and create a custom tattoo.  Our artists have years of experience and are very friendly and sure to put you at ease.


Our staff offers professional piercing services using high-quality jewelry. Some of our more popular choices include dermal anchors and body jewelry, of which we have an extensive selection.


Tattoo Removal

We now offer a non-laser tattoo removal process. It is far less painful and much more effective than laser removal. We can lighten those mistakes for easier covering with a new tattoo or completely remove it if necessary.


"Due to the extensive skills of our artists, we are confident that if you visit our tattoo parlor once, you will keep coming back. We only do custom work and all of our tattoos are hand-drawn."

Featured Artist

At Pink Elephant Tattoo Studio in Ankeny, Iowa, we offer custom tattoos and body piercing from our extremely skilled artists.

Robbie Erickson Cover 88x88

Robbie Erickson

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Nick Gulans

Information Coming Soon. . .

BJ cover image 88x88

BJ Shorter

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Featured Work

At Pink Elephant Tattoo Studio we offer custom tattoos, piercing, and non-laser tattoo removal. All services are provided by our licensed and certified artists.

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